• ■ Became a public company after IPO, embarking on a venture for next decade (stock code 300203).

    ■ Ranked among the "Forbes" and "Chinese Top 100 potential companies list(No 3)”.

    ■ Acquisition of Jitian Instruments, FPI has started its strategic plan in scientific sector.

    ■ Establishment of Wuxi Cas Photonics Inc. providing ambient quality consultant and advanced research solution.

    ■ Release of portable GC-MS indicates FPI's entry to high-end analytical market.

    ■ Release of industrial power management system and formulated the 'Practice of UV analytical instruments' national standard.

    ■ Being appointed as 'Environmental Protection System Technical Research Center' by Ministry of Environment.

    ■ Being appointed as 'National Engineering Laboratory of Environment and Safety Online Monitoring' by National Development and Reform Commission.



  • ■ Acquisition of world leading VOCs solution provider Synspec B.V, Netherland.

    ■ Accomplished 'National Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Technology Research' Project.

    ■ Certified as software solution provider.

    ■ Formulating 'National Online Laser Moisture Analysis Standard for Chemical Industry'

    ■ Award of 'State Professor Work Station'

    ■ Award of 'National Innovative Product' for HMA-2000 Online water heavy metal analyzer .

    ■ Award of 'National Innovative Product' for WMS-2000 Online water sequential injection system .

    ■ Release of Mars-550 process MS.

  • ■ Vertical expansion and deepening of instrumentation to: intelligent sensoring and smart city.

    ■ Being appointed as 'National Key Software Enterprise'.

    ■ Release of scientific product ICP-5000.

    ■ Drafting of 'GC-MS Technical and Practical National Standard'

    ■ Award of 'Top Ten Smart City Solution Provider'

  • ■ Acquisition of DSE with expansion to water conservancy sector.

    ■ Acquisition of Zhonghong Testing to extend third party inspection presence

    ■ Acquisition of Ningbo Datong Yongwei Engineering Co., LTD, with expansion to maintenance and operation sector.

    ■ Focus on "Leader of Green Technology" and "Smarter tech, Greener world" as our vision & value.

  • ■ Acquisition of NewBioLink with expansion industrial effluent treatment

    ■ Being appointed as 'Municiple Water Pollution Treatment Technical and Research Center' by ministry of housing and construction

    ■ Initiate the 'Sponge City Industrial Chain Committee' to provide complete solution for smart city operation

    ■ Acquisition of Anpel with expansion to scientific service provider

    ■ Acquisition of Sanxia Environment to enhance pollution treatment solution

  • ■ Award of first environment treatment PPP project in China 'Huangshan Puxi Comprehensive Treatment' worth 184 million USD

    ■ Award of 47 million USD 'Rudong Economic Zone Environmental Monitoring and Alert Platform' project

    ■ Providing comprehensive monitoring and treatment project for G20 summit

    ■ Award of CMMI DEV1.3 ML5, the global most authoritative software certificate

    ■ Acquisition of 3 new subsidiaries

    ■ Formulation of national standard 'Practical Research of Online Heavy Metal In Gas Analysis With Fluorescence Technology'

    ■ FPI Industrial Park has ranked as most popular complex for entrepreneurs