• ■ FPI passed the authentication of ISO 14001:2004 international environmental management system.

    ■ FPI was appraised as “2007 Top 100 enterprises in China with the most vitality”.

    ■ FPI merged and acquired the Beijing INCE Instrument CO., Ltd successfully.

    ■ FPI was awarded “the 2nd Prize of National Technology Progress”.

    ■ The "UV / visible optical spectrum on-line process analysis system" was rated as "2007 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award" by Zhejiang Province Government.

    ■ The country's Industrial Process Measurement and Control Standardization Technical Committee announced that FPI led the development of the two national standards "laser gas analyzer" and "Online ultraviolet, visible optical spectroscopy detector".

  • ■ FPI was named "Chinese Top 100 Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise”.

    ■ The “portable multi-functional near infrared analysis system” was awarded the "China Instrument Society Outstanding Product ".

    ■ The new sequential injection water quality analyzer won the "Chinese Instrument Society of Science and Technology Achievement Award".

    ■ The “CEMS flue gas continuous emission monitoring system” won the "China Instrument Society of Technology Innovation Award".

    ■ FPI was rated "the Chinese Top 100 Most Dynamic Enterprises" (No. 43) honorary title.

    ■ FPI directed formulation of the development of "Tunable laser gas analyzer" IEC International Standard.

    ■ The “water quality online monitor (SWA-2000)” passed the “Chinese Environmental Protection Product Certification".

    ■ FPI was ranked in the Forbs “Chinese Top 100 Most Potential Enterprises”(No. 73).

    ■ LGA-4100 laser gas analysis system was judged to be the title of "Best New Product Award for Scientific Instruments".

  • ■ The patent "laser gas analysis system calibration method" was awarded the title of "the Eleventh China Patent Gold Award" by the State Property Office.

    ■ FPI was appraised as "2009 National Environmental Excellent Company" by the state Department of Environmental Protection Ministry.

    ■ The enterprise standard “Semiconductor laser analyzer" (Q / FPI 01-2006) was awarded the “2008 China Standard Innovation Award Second Price”.

    ■ "In-situ extraction hot wet online UV / visible optical spectrum analysis system research and industrialization" won the "2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize".
    ■ FPI and its wholly owned subsidiary-Hangzhou Focused Photonics environmental protection Co., Ltd R & D management system got CMMI3 level Certification.

    ■ FPI got through the "Computer Information System Integration Qualification Level-3 certification".

    ■ FPI was appraised as “the Fifth Council (2007 - 2010) Executive Director Unit”  by China Instrument Association.■ FPI ranked among the "TOP100 China's independent innovation enterprises".

    ■ The "SupNir-1000 portable NIR analyzer"and"COD-2000 line water quality analyzer" won the "independent innovation Gold Award" in the seventh "China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition".

    ■ FPI was appraised as the “Post Doctorate Pilot Workstation of Zhejiang Province”.

    ■ FPI was ranked in the Forbs” Chinese Top 100 Most Potential Enterprises” (No 64).

    ■ FPI passed the“GB/T28001-2001Occupational Health and Safety” Certification.

  • ■ The project "In-situ extraction hot wet online UV / visible optical spectrum analysis system research and develop and industrialization" was rated “the National Science and Technology Progress Award” honor.

    ■ FPI Enterprise Technology Center was identified as "National Enterprise Technology Center" by the National Development and Reform Commission and other five related national ministries.

    ■ FPI was appraised as "Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation Engineering Technology Center" by the State Environmental Protection Ministry.

    ■ FPI was judged to be honorary title of "State post-doctoral research station" by the state Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Ministry. 

    ■ Developed GC-MS, VOC series products and entered the field of portable equipment area.

    ■ Two national standards about "Tunable laser gas analyzer", and "Online UV / visible spectroscopy spectrometer" were developed under the auspices of FPI, which approved by the National Standards Commission , and released effectively and officially.

    ■ Direct formulation of national standards "portable gas chromatography mass spectrometry technical requirements and test methods", which approved by the State Standard Committee.

    ■ The "CEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring System" received the National Key Product Certificate .

    ■ "The development and industrialization of new online water quality analysis system " was rated the title of the "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award First Prize".